PANABOAT : a site for backpackers going from Panama to Colombia

logo panaboat PANABOAT is a site that is offering sailboats journeys in between Panama and also Colombia. Panaboat was originally made by a team of boat captains which have actually been doing sailboat charter in San Blas islands for years. Due to the higher variety of backpackers enhancing every year, this team of captains determined to supply sailboat journeys to Colombia for these vacationers.

Definitely there is no road between Panama and also Colombia, and also the only means to obtain there is either by airplane or by sailboat. Plane tickets still continue to be costly, as well as individuals choose to travel by boat because they have the possibility to go to the San Blas islands.

San Blas is a large archipelago in Panama, with hundreds of gorgeous exotic islands. sailboats generally invest at the very least 3 or 4 days in these stunning islands, and afterwards direct to Cartagena in Colombia.

Great deals of sailboats are doing this journey frequently (The independence, Santana, Jacqueline, Amande, etc.) and one will manage to quickly reserve online for his following trip on one of these boats.

Panaboat likewise provides bunches of information regarding Panama, places to visit, things to do while going to Panama and also Colombia, list of hostels, restaurants, in order to assist vacationers to prepare their journey as most ideal as feasible.

Ports of departure in Panama are either Puerto Lindo, Portobello or Carti, as well as Cartagena is the only port of departure from Colombia.

Vacationers that have an interest in doing this sailboat trip will certainly need to pay a deposit by means of online settlement of roughly 10 % of total cost, while the remaining rate schedules in money when boarding the boat.

During this travel, travelers will certainly delight in snorkeling on lovely reefs, swimming in crystal clear waters, relaxing on white sand seasides, or enjoying with celebration or BBQ suppers ! …

It’s much better to schedule a place as early as feasible as sailboats get complete very quick.

Delays might take place every now and then as sailboats are very dependent to weather elements.

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The San Blas islands

Sailing-From-San-BlasThe islands from the San Blas Archipelago are strung out along the Caribbean coastline of Panama from the Golfo de San Blas almost all the means to the Colombian boundary. San Blas is actually a collection from 378 islands of which simply 49 are populated through the fiercely independent Kuna Indians. Simply a 20-minute aircraft trip away coming from Panama City, a journey to the San Blas isles will thrill you TWENTY centuries in to the past times.

San Blas Archipelago

There are actually flights to many from the isles from Panama City or even you can easily capture a trip along with Kuna business ships coming from Colon, who will definitely locate the perfect isle for your sunbathing and snorkeling delight. Travelers are welcomed to stay in San Blas hotels and resorts and based upon our current sees, our company recommend remaining at Lodge which are accessible using airstrip. This is possible to check out the villages from the Kuna Indians, or to take a led snorkeling tour. Both accommodations will definitely provide you with manuals for tasks like this. Snorkeling is actually positively terrific with numerous corals reefs as well as whole lots of fish. This is highly recommend to bring your own gear. Diving is actually certainly not permitted in San Blas, but sailing is allowed (check out this link for san blas sailing tour)Kunas are actually popular for among its fine arts and also professions, the mola. Kuna ladies make rainbow colored fabrics, decorated with fish, birds, jungle pets however, geometric concepts that would wow Picasso himself. The people still fish from canoes as they carried out right before Columbus arrived. They still run up to the corner coconut hand plants for something great and also new to consume each morning, equally as they needs for unknown centuries. When you have pictures of the Kuna Indians they will certainly anticipate a suggestion!.
The indigenous residents are actually called the Guna, and live in the Guna Yala region)

Considering that the final head count of all the Kuna Indians an estimated 300.000 live in Panama and Colombia, merely 50.000 real-time on the San Blas Islands. When you go to the San Blas Islands do not forget to try some from the regular Kuna food.

The isles from the San Blas Islands are strung out along the Caribbean shoreline from Panama coming from the Golfo de San Blas almost all the technique to the Colombian perimeter. San Blas is actually a set from 378 islands from which just 49 are actually populated through the fiercely private Kuna Indians. Just a 20-minute aircraft ride away from Panama Area, a tour to the San Blas islands will definitely thrill you TWENTY centuries right into the past times. Kuna, in San Blas is popular for one from its own fine arts as well as trades, the mola.